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Two Wheeled Thunder TV Review of the Butt Buffer Motorcycle Sea Pad

Made in America For the Ride of Your Life!

Often imitated, Never duplicated!
For over 15 years, ButtBuffer has established itself as a leader in motorcycle seating. We use a silicone and latex free medical grade product called visco elastic polymer, which is superior to a gel.

Polymer is a solid material with extensive viscosity, so it will not leak, freeze, burn, or break down. In fact we guarantee it! No matter how much weight is applied to the polymer pad, it will evenly distribute weight relieving pressure points, dampening vibration and absorbing any intrusions in the road resulting in a longer, more comfortable ride.


What Makes Butt Buffer so Unique?

  • Shock-absorbing
  • Supports weight without bottoming out
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Remains pliable from -65°F to 285°F
  • Heat and shear reducing
  • Can be cut into any shape or form
  • Vibration damping
  • Won't leak, flow or bottom out
  • Fire rated as self-extinguishing
  • Latex, silicon and plasticizer free
  • Does not support bacterial growth
  • Does not harden over time
  • Retains it's original shape after deformation
  • Easily cleaned
Hi there. My partner and I have just completed Route 66 thru the American Midwest and I must say the Butt Buffer really did save my butt. I often have lower back pain when riding long distance but with the Butt Buffer this just didn't happen much to my relief. We did approximately 4480kms in 13 days with no pain so would definitely recommend the Butt Buffer. Thank you for such a great product. Cheers
Gail, Thames, New Zealand
Hi Paul, It's a nice comfortable cushion to sit on while riding.
Whereas be for in jeans I would become uncomfortable after a while of sitting on the seam. Your seat has illiminated that.
Graham, South Australia
It was comfortable but needed a longer run to test it.
Charles, Invercargill, New Zealand
hi hav only been for a short trip ife thought it was verry good.
Noel, Auckland, New Zealand
Hi Paul, Had a few issues so bike has only had a short run. Seemed quite hard at first but after a few moments very comfortable. Will let you know once I have had time for a decent ride. Had it put in the seat properly and you cannot tell it is under the normal seat.
Simon, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
I rode to Lake Tekapo and back with no sore butt! Definitely would have felt it before. It works! Many thanks
Amanda, Christchurch, New Zealand
Hi Paul, I'm very happy with it, thanks. I've done a few thousand comfortable kms on it and I have no complaints. Cheers.
Peter, ACT, Australia
Hi Paul, Haven't been to far on gel seat yet, but what distance I have travelled the seat has enabled me to go further before a pit stop. Thanks
Paul, Blenheim, New Zealand
"Hi Paul, The Butt Buffer is great. Very comfortable and great for long distances.
Warren, Auckland, New Zealand

"HI Paul absolutely love it! we rode 1000k + over 3 days and I had no sore butt!! It has made a huge difference :)"

Pia, Victoria, Australia
"Been using Butt Buffer on my Honda GL1200 Goldwing for the last 8 years and have suffered no back pain or saddle soreness in that time. Prior to that small to moderatre rides resulted in constant pain requiring medical attention. Thanks Butt Buffer all that hassle is gone."
Grant, Wellington, New Zealand