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About Us

Founded in 2010, Smart Products New Zealand Limited is owned by the father and son team of Grant and Paul Kamau.

What is a Smart Product?
To us, a Smart Product is an item that aids individuals in their pursuit of normal everyday life. With technology advancing as quickly as it has, it can be difficult to keep up. That though shouldn't restrict you from enjoying the benefits of our modern life. So here at Smart Products NZ Ltd, we sell brands that specialize in making that easier to do.


From our range of RFID blocking wallets and purses that protect you from the threat of electronic pick pocketing.
ButtBufferPad To our range of motorcycle seat pads that alleviate saddle soreness while going for a long ride


Smart Products New Zealand Ltd are authorized to supply the following brands to the Australasian market.


Butt_Buffer Butt Buffer - For the Ride of Your Life is an American made seat pad

For over 20 years, Butt Buffer has established itself as a leader in motorcycle seating. Using a silicone and latex free medical grade product called visco elastic polymer, which is superior to a gel and gives a much more comfortable ride.



Rogue_industries Rogue Industries, is owned by Michael and Wells Lyons. Like us here at Smart Products, they are also a Father and Son team.

Rogue industries use unique and custom tanned leathers including cowhide, Bison and salmon, to produce highly sort after wallets and other fine leather products made by Master New England Leather workers.



Rogue_industries Identity Stronghold was founded by Walt Augustinowicz in 2005 with two thoughts in mind: Inform consumers about RFID embedded chips, and then protect those consumers. In the process, Walt started the whole industry for RFID protection.


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